Affordable fine art makes a wonderful gift for special occasions or holidays. Allow me to use my skills to create a bespoke heirloom for you or a loved one. Contact to commission.

Oil Paintings Starting at 12”x12” and $400

"Elephants", 12"x12", Oil on Canvas

"Bear", 12"x12", Oil on Canvas

Acrylic Paintings Starting at 12”x12” and $300

"Darren", 20"x10", Acrylic on Canvas

"Caetano", 20"x16", Acrylic on Canvas 

Drawings and Gouaches Starting at 5”x7”or and $150

"John", 10"x7", Gouache on Paper

"Baby Boy", 8.5"x5.5", Pencil on Paper 

"Pugsley", 4"x6", Pencil on Paper

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