Christophe Lima was born in Queens, New York in 1983 to the poet Frank Lima and his wife Roberta. Following her parents divorce she began to draw as a means of expressing what were complicated emotions for a child. She was diagnosed with Clinical Depression at 14. Within a year of the diagnosis Christophe began to study art, with the urging of her mother, through The Art School at Jerry’s Artorama in Bellrose, NY. She found art to be a soothing quest for self and validation. At 16 she decided to pursue it more seriously. Christophe enrolled at The Fashion Institute of Technology where she earned her BFA with Honors in 2006. It was here that she discovered acrylic paints and a love for bright bold colors. It was also through FIT that she discovered Outsider Art, and Abstract Expressionism. Christophe is influenced by the emotional purity and artistic freedom of the Outsiders and the cerebral spontaneity and boundary breaking of the Expressionists. Christophe is currently happily married, living and working in Central Long Island. She shows work in the New York/Long Island area.

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