art · 30. October 2019
This past month was very eventful. I began it by...
art · 24. September 2019
This month flew by. It wasn’t as jam-packed as last month and I was grateful for that. I hardly had any time last month to work on my own personal projects and it was bothering me. I think the breathing room that I gave myself this month paid off in the class that I took because I have work that I’ve done that I am proud to show photos of...
art · 27. August 2019
In stark contrast to last month, August was very busy for me. In truth, I scheduled myself so tightly with classes, volunteer work at The Art League Of Long Island, where I am a resident artist, speaking engagements and openings...
art · 31. July 2019
Sometimes the most beneficial thing to do is to get up, get out, and turn off.

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