January (part 2)

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This has been a busy month for me. Enjoyably busy. The last couple of weeks in particular have been very exciting.


I’ve been assistant teaching with one of the children’s classes at the Art League. It’s always so fascinating to connect with a child in a meaningful way. I feel like I did that with one of the young students yesterday. This student was very put off by the subject matter that we were covering in class. I think that they were expecting a class that covered specifically cartooning, but was met with a class that was more encompassing of drawing theory (light logic, observation, perspective, etc). At that age, it can be a bit difficult to see that broad drawing theory will directly inform and improve the microcosm of cartooning. They were playing along rather depressedly until we got to a segment of class that had a bit more free drawing time. They began to draw boats. They drew these boats very, very well. So, we began to have a conversation about these boats. This lead to a conversation about capsisation, and (because I’m a history nerd) a short conversation about religious architecture (some boat builders were charged with building churches and the ceilings were near exact structural replicas of boat hulls). As we talked, I watched this child brighten up a bit. It was a satisfying experience and I look forward to taking time with this child next week.



I did not sign up for any classes this month. What I am doing is going to an open drawing  studio every Tuesday. I don’t want to take any drawing classes because I have a lot of drawing experience, particularly academic. I have 8 years solid foundation of university level academic drawing experience. I kind of want to take what I know and find my own way now. Anyhow, here are some examples of my drawings from those open studios. 


Finally, the 3 other residents and myself are in the planning stages for a 20’ collaboration piece that we will be completing as a performance piece in March. This will take up a whole wall of the strolling gallery at the Art League of Long Island. Below is our first attempt at collaborating.

Next month will be just as eventful as this month, I think. I look forward to it. 



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