A Very Late November Posting

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This should have been posted in November.


I hate the holidays.


Looking back on this past holiday season, I can’t even tell you what I did. I just didn’t have any mental space for much. 


I had a show in October that went really well. I got really great feedback, and began to experiment with different processes, particularly printmaking processes and surface treatments. And then the holidays started to kick in and so did my anxiety levels. So much so that I really could not work beyond a couple of drawings a day, if that. I did however, continue with my studies in ceramics for my residency at ALLI. I’ve been learning how to use the wheel. It was helpful to be part of a class because I HAD to be there. So, that’s all I worried about- getting there and letting the rest take care of itself. 


I had a thought on the last day of class which is probably going to drive the next few months of my time at my residency. I had a very clear “I’d rather be drawing”. Gone was the feeling of excitement of looking down at a lump of clay and manipulating it into something on the wheel. It began to feel like a chore. I am not sure that I am going to continue with ceramics. It makes a lot of sense, my personal practice has always been drawing forward. Drawing is the foundation for everything that I do. Unfortunately, ceramics does not figure into the equation at the moment and, honestly, it may never. Time will tell.



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