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This month flew by. It wasn’t as jam-packed as last month and I was grateful for that. I hardly had any time last month to work on my own personal projects and it was bothering me. I think the breathing room that I gave myself this month paid off in the class that I took because I have work that I’ve done that I am proud to show photos of (below) and have directly informed my own practice.


I took 1 class at the Art League of Long Island as part of my residency this month. It was a printmaking class. I am proud of the results that I got. I was able to print various packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, paper bags, packaging paper, and packaging twine.

I am grateful that I began to print the bubble wrap. This printing process has directly informed a large painting that I was a bit stuck on. It’s moved it forward and I hope to show it when it’s completed. 

I got to thinking about why I keep on choosing packaging materials (over and over for years, now). When I think about the meaning of my various media and subjects, particularly when they appear to be somewhat cryptic, I use word association. Words that have come to mind with regard to packaging materials are “transport”,  “protection, and “binding”.


I was also able to get my completed glazed pottery this month. My love for surface treatment is evident here as well. I was able to print textures onto and into the ceramics. I’ve not yet figured out how ceramics is going to inform my work, but my work has surely informed my ceramics. I am eager to see where ceramics will go. 

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